What We Offer You

Travel excursions offered by Bespoke Cuba Travel strictly adhere to the U.S. Treasury Department’s revised October 2017 list of authorized travel licenses to Cuba; specifically codes:

515.575 Humanitarian projects

(a) General license. Transactions, including the travel-related transactions set forth in §515.560(c), that are related to the humanitarian projects in or related to Cuba that are designed to directly benefit the Cuban people as set forth in paragraph (b) are authorized, provided that the traveler’s schedule  of activities does not include free time or recreation in excess of that consistent with a full-time schedule.

515.574 Support for the Cuban People

(a) General license. The travel-related transactions set forth in §515.560(c) and other transactions that are intended to provide support for the Cuban people are authorized.

A timetabled prepackaged bus tour alongside 30 to 59 strangers can insulate you from the many obstacles that confront most tourists visiting the island of Cuba nevertheless leave you with a disingenuous perception of Cuba. Venturing outside of Havana on your own guidebook in hand however, can precipitately diverge you onto a time-consuming and dispiriting path.

Bespoke Cuba Travel produces unique semi-guided Petite Group Journeys and distinct tailored Private Designer Expeditions. Join us as you live the complex tapestry of Cuba and its unique people who will welcome you rather than just entertain you. Gain firsthand insight into their mastery of hope, resiliency, challenges and curiosities. Realize unconventional and frank conversations and establish organic and subtle friendships with Cubans from all walks of life as you accompany them to collect their food rations, walk their children to school even be their guest (and impromptu photographer) at a small town wedding or christening.

The fundamental objective of Our Cuban adventures is to elevate the quality of life of the most under-resourced Cuban people. Each guest, regardless of age or skills, can leave behind a positive footprint by helping advance the humanitarian projects we support across the island (many focused on the rebuilding efforts subsequent Hurricanes Matthew and Irma).

Bespoke Cuba Travel invites you to explore a Cuba as Seen by Few. Whether you join us on a Petite Group Journey or a resplendently tailored Private Designer Expedition, we are committed to making the Cuba we love and cherish as memorable and precious to those who explore it with us.