What sets Us apart

What sets Us apart?

A better way to savor Cuba. Traveling on a timetabled prepackaged motor coach tour alongside 30 – 60 other strangers with respective pastimes, pallets and quirks will produce a macro and guarded Cuba experience. However, even a seasoned independent traveler will undoubtedly face obscurities such as price gouging, an antagonistic infrastructure, and cumbersome communist red tape. Your itinerary will not be a sequence of strictly timed activities; they feature flexibility and individuality.

Fewer tourists. More Cubans. Engage candid Cubans of all ages and walks of life such as university professors, Pulitzer prize recipients, distinguished scientists and heads of state-owned enterprises to filmmakers, NGO teams, journalists, students, and independent Cuban entrepreneurs and much more.

Gain firsthand insight into their mastery of hope, resiliency, challenges and curiosities; Establish organic and subtle friendships while you accompany and assist them as they collect their food rations, take their car engine apart, be their guest (and impromptu photographer) at birthday parties and christenings. With BCT the Cuban people will welcome you rather than just entertain you.

While other “experiential” travel companies walk tourists through an agro (state subsidized daily farmers market), with BCT you tag along with a local through that same agro and as they shop for their family you learn first-hand from them about that region’s produce, how to select and prepare it and pay with Cuban pesos (we provide you Cuban pesos so you can purchase those items for them as a token of appreciation).

Any tour operator will lead you to menus with plenty of seafood options. With BCT you will have the rare opportunity to go out on a small boat with a local fisherman. Learn how seafood makes it to your plate and why he is required to turn over most of his catch to the State. But don’t worry those beautiful snappers you caught will be the star of that night’s dinner.

The Personal Difference

Whether you join us on a Boutique Group Journey or a Private Designer Expedition, rest assured that after paying for your trip you will not be passed on to a ‘resident field guide’ or ‘group tour leader’ waiting at the airport holding a sign with your name on it and ready to pilot your itinerary. A single tour guide does not have the knowledge or ability to lead a group through the largest island in the Antilles.

Who better than the same travel designer you established a rapport with; who understands what lures you to Cuba, your travel preferences, hobbies, etc., to best realize your voyage?

Along with your trip designer are the handpicked, well-educated and eager translators, drivers, culinary managers and baggage attendants providing you comfort, individual and gracious service.

An interchanging team of guest lecturers, experts in your tour’s theme, and professionals (doctors, professors, artists) indigenous to their small provinces will join you and share insights into Cuba;s culture, history and the daily life of the people you encounter along the way.

Whether you join us on a semi-guided Boutique Group Journey or a Private Designer Expedition, we are committed to making the Cuba we love and cherish as memorable and precious to those who explore it with us.