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Bespoke [bəˈspōk]

Custom-made product or tailored service; couture, exclusive, singular edition; a one-off

Cuba [kyo͞obə]

The Antilles’ largest island is actually an archipelago of 4,000-plus islands, islets and cays traced by hundreds of miles of white powder beaches uniquely surrounded by Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba’s impressive ecosystem includes natural biosphere reserves, fauna refuges, crystal clear lagoons, rolling mountains and rainforests additionally to the world’s second pristine coral reef. Nevertheless, the island nation tops two of the travel industry’s most disparate lists; the shrinking list of Emerging Destinations and the list of Endangered Destinations at risk of losing their rich cultural heritage in the face of rapidly increasing tourism.

Cuba plays a complex role in the cultural and political lexicon of the United States. Americans relate to her classic American automobiles, baseball, boxing, Hemingway, the Cuban missile crisis and of course Fidel Castro. The island nation’s superlative education system, UNESCO sites and exemplary achievements in medicine are internationally renowned.

Believing he discovered a new route to India, Christopher Columbus arrived at Cuba’s Guarda La Vaca (hide the cow) beach in 1492 and purportedly remarked, “the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen.” Remarkably, he was some 10,000 miles off-course.

Full of romance and magic, an intriguing history of smugglers and slavery, buccaneers, sugar barons, conquistadors and communism, few islands in the world can boast such a profound yet enigmatic identity.

Travel [travəl]

a trip, voyage, pilgrimage or expedition; to find

About Us

For nearly 20 years the virtuoso team of Cuban and Cuban-American travel designers at Bespoke Cuba Travel have conscientiously designed unparalleled encounters with an anachronistic society void of advertising and modernisms, Cuba, where production of new things stopped but life kept right on going. Guests can choose between a very small-sized group journey and a private one-off expedition to relish the fading opportunity to explore the unspoiled beauty of this mesmeric Caribbean nation; one of the world’s remaining travel frontiers.

At Bespoke Cuba Travel we ardently listen to our guests, meticulously plan the logistics of your voyage to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey and encourage individual requests. We proudly  tend to details overlooked by most of the big luxury travel providers and anticipate your needs in order to redefine your notion of what is possible on a holiday.

While in Cuba most of your time will be in the company of Cubans and distanced from other tourists. Cook meals alongside, help paint a weary schoolhouse, teach Powerpoint to marketing students, help school children with their English language homework, even photograph a local wedding all while gaining first hand insight into Cuban life; their daily obstacles, mastery of hope, resiliency and curiosities.

At every turn we work independent of hotel chains, airlines and attractions owned and operated by the communist Cuban government rather contract directly with independent owners of casas particulares, entrepreneurs, laborers, farmers, etc. to improve the quality of their lives and that of their families and communities.

We seek travel connoisseurs willing to improve the lives of the Cuban people. Explorers willing to swap their affinity for 5-star amenities for a refreshing style of casual luxury where the prevailing currency is investing more on what you perceivehowever uncommon and rare the travel experience, and less on tangible items.

If your wanderlust yearns for a Cuba far beyond the reach of other tour companies, where the Cuban people welcome you instead of entertaining you, we invite you to join us and discover a Cuba, as seen by few.