Bespoke [bəˈspōk]   Custom-made product or tailored service; couture, exclusive, singular edition; a one-off

Cuba [kyo͞obə]    The Antilles’ largest island is actually an archipelago of 4,000-plus islands, islets and cays traced by hundreds of miles of white powder beaches uniquely surrounded by Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba’s impressive ecosystem includes natural biosphere reserves, fauna refuges, crystal clear lagoons, rolling mountains and rainforests additionally to the world’s second pristine coral reef. Nevertheless, the island nation tops two of the travel industry’s most disparate lists; the shrinking list of Emerging Destinations and the list of Endangered Destinations at risk of losing their rich cultural heritage in the face of rapidly increasing tourism.

Cuba plays a complex role in the cultural and political lexicon of the United States. Americans relate to her classic American automobiles, baseball, boxing, Hemingway, the Cuban missile crisis and of course Fidel Castro. The island nation’s superlative education system, UNESCO sites and exemplary achievements in medicine are internationally renowned.

Believing he discovered a new route to India, Christopher Columbus arrived at Cuba’s Guarda La Vaca (hide the cow) beach in 1492 and purportedly remarked, “the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen.” Remarkably, he was some 10,000 miles off-course.

Full of romance and magic, an intriguing history of smugglers and slavery, buccaneers, sugar barons, conquistadors and communism, few islands in the world can boast such a profound yet enigmatic identity.

Travel [travəl]   a trip, voyage, pilgrimage or expedition; to find

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About Us

For nearly 20 years the virtuoso team of Cuban and Cuban-American travel designers at Bespoke Cuba Travel have created unparalleled encounters with Cuba, one of the world’s remaining travel frontiers. Our petite-sized semi-guided group journeys, maximum 8 travelers, provide guests opportunities to tailor their own voyage away from their group. For explorers accustomed to a more resplendent style of travel, Bespoke Cuba Travel also crafts breathtaking one-off Private Designer Expeditions.

We ardently listen to our guests, meticulously plan and rehearse the logistics of your voyage and tend to details overlooked by most luxury travel providers. We are prepared to anticipate your needs and realize your wishes, no matter how rare or challenging,in order to redefine your notion of what is possible on a holiday.

Our ethos is to improve the lives of the Cuban people. The adventures we offer provide you a multitude of opportunities to advance the many humanitarian projects we support across the island. We can also design a plan that lets you share your benevolent spirit based on your skills, interests and curiosities.

If your wanderlust yearns for a Cuba far beyond the reach of other travel companies, where the Cuban people welcome you instead of entertain you, we invite you to join us and discover a Cuba, as seen by few.

Our Motto:

More Cubans; less tourists

We strive to distance you from other tourists and the traps they fall into to ensure your unique venture is fashioned predominantly alongside Cubans from all walks of life.

How We Work

Giving Back

In 1996 our guests provided 400 children suffering from Celiac-disease with multivitamins. By 2003 they distributed over 3500 musical instruments, children’s books and emergency medical kits.

Guests wanted to do more than giving up some room in their suitcase and shipping containers of goods. The wanted to experience first-hand the results of their goodwill ergo the 2001 addition of ‘voluntourism’ to our itineraries.

Subsequent hurricanes Sandy, Irma and Matthew, guests joined relief missions. They helped rebuild a clinic, donated and installed lighting fixtures and ceiling fans at schools and hospitals, and created mobile pop-up studios to entertain children of families who were devastated by these hurricanes.

By 2017 the Cuban government had already slashed half a million Cubans from its payroll, forcing them to become self reliant. It allowed some Cubans to own and operate their own small business. We revisited our Giving Back initiative. We transitioned to Conscious Giving, where guests can share their professional skills and hobbies in order to empower the Cuban people with the necessary knowledge so they may improve their own standard of living. Guests can enhance economic vitality by teaching web design and accounting software to entrepreneurs, help professional translators expand their vocabulary, share baking recipes with the owner of a bakery or plant and teach hydroponic gardening.

Regardless of age and capacity guests can provide pivotal and prolific impact on the lives of the Cuban people while working side by side them.


The evening meals were spectacular, we still keep in touch with a few of the Cuban friends we made on the trip. Émlie Truffaut

They pamper you lots! Xiomara arranged for us to help Cuban teachers improve their vocabulary. Gabe

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Bespoke Cuba Travel


Phone: 786.361.4656

Our mailing address:

556 West Flagler Street #1405

Miami Florida 33130

Opposing any kind of discrimination: Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel backs same-sex marriage

When this structure was first constructed, it was touted as the world’s southernmost suspension bridge. Now abandoned and unsafe to cross, it’s at risk of falling into the very creek it was built to cross.

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