Conscious Giving

Hands-on Conscious Giving Program

Charity is the basis of our ethos. Our initial philanthropic endeavor in 1996 provided 400 children suffering from Celiac-disease with multivitamins. By 2004 our philanthropic endeavors extended beyond just giving. Guests wanted to ‘get their hands dirty’ and see the results of their altruism come to life, so we focused on conscious giving.

Every BCT trip offers guests opportunities to support civil society and improve the lives of the Cuban people. Expand a children’s hospital emergency room, teach arts and crafts to children at an orphanage, share homeopathic remedies at a local women’s clinic, enhance economic vitality by teaching web design and accounting software to budding entrepreneurs, plant an organic garden at pediatric cancer clinic, or rebuild a school ravished by hurricanes Matthew and Irma.  Regardless of age and capacity guests can provide pivotal and prolific impact on Cuba while working side by side its marvelous people.

BCT contributes positive change in four key areas:

Child Development

Community Health
Hurricane relief