The best part was an outdoor movie dinner night with the actual filmmakers. The movies were projected onto this huge rock. My husband and I first met at a film festival so it was an unexpected romantic evening. We visited villages not listed on Wikipedia. Jackie and David Meyer


The professors and specialty guides were first-rate. One was from Chile who was an expert on Cuban modern art, and the vice Minister of agriculture was our guide when we visited a tobacco farm and a sugar cane cooperative. Toni Novembre


There was so much yummy food available all the time. While in the van traveling between provinces we had Cuban lamb pastries, guava chips, American Luna healthy bars and fresh squeezed mango juice one day and candied mamey fruit, chicken pastelitos, coconuts (water) and baked sweet plantains the next. There was so much delicious food and a fun group of other travelers to share it with.

August and Melissa Pitt


It was a vacation with many opportunities to make a difference. It’s not cheap, but we totally recommend you Go to Cuba with this company. Arry organized the itinerary so that we can dance salsa every night. It was a splendid and memorable trip.  KS


I enjoy traveling solo and one reason I chose Bespoke Cuba to tour Cuba is because they did not charge people traveling alone a single supplement There is no fixed schedule per se, rather there is a schedule but its flexible depending on what charity project you want to join and what you want to explore on your own. Definitely a refreshing way to travel! It was a special trip from start to finish. I agree with the person above the teachers and guides were very helpful. Andrés Sebastián


They noticed our 10 year old son was losing interest in the trip, so they paired him up with a mime then arranged for him to help the zoo staff feed a couple of animals after the zoo closed. Noemi


They send you multiple questionnaires up until your departure date. I wrote freelance photographer as my profession on one of them and that I was a vegetarian on another. When I arrived in Cuba they had whole foods bags waiting for me filled with everything from vacuum sealed and dehydrated tofu and veggie burgers to vegetable jerky, soy drinks, and more. I did not expect to spend three days teaching members of a high school photo club how to take apart and fix digital cameras. It was awesome. I wish they did other destinations. They are awesome. If you want to do Cuba go with Arry & Laz of Bespoke Cuba Tours. Paul Carson


The evening meals were spectacular, we still keep in touch with a few of the Cuban friends we made on the trip. Émlie Truffaut


My boyfriend and I helped repair and reinstall windows, doors and then paint a museum in Holguin just after hurricane Ike, the whole community came out to help. Every day Ahry would bring lunch to all the town volunteers there were about 20 of us in all. He told them that we were the ones treating everyone to lunch. Marilyn Suarez


It was not what we expected. I specialize in geriatric neurology and Laz brought my wife and I to a nursing home, and we were shocked there was no air conditioning or fans and it was hot! The next day Laz brought six ceiling fans to breakfast and asked if we wanted to return and install them. We did not expect to contribute in such a unique way. It was a very rewarding trip. Marlon and sherry


They pamper you lots! Xiomara arranged for us to help Cuban teachers improve their vocabulary. Gabe


I travel solo and Ahry connect me with a very great EDM DJs in a different three towns (I’m a well popular International EdM DJ). We shared many beats and sampled together with each of DJs. It was fantastique. Frédérick Bilodeau


Dinners were awesome. The Cuban sushi was a treat. The itineraries weren’t packed with a bunch of activities and attractions. It was more relaxed. I’m into sports and I got to teach American football and basketball several times Ahmed


The 5AM dawn walking tour of Havana was very special, we got to see how the city wakes up. I definitely recommend Bespoke Cuba Travel. We were recommended by Andrés and Sylvia Sebastián.

Erick Salas


We went a few days without seeing another tourist. It was a wonderful trip.

Jackson and Eva White


When I asked where to buy an antacid, they gave me Mylanta pills from their first aid kit. Arie asked the group if we wanted to see a calf being born nearby. My friend couldn’t go cuz he’s allergic to livestock (anaphylaxia) but then Xiomara pulled some Claritin out from their magical first aid kit. It was a great trip, and they were very well-prepared.

Joe and Stephen


Everyone is very nice and they go out of the way to make you feel special. Five thumbs up!

Lana & Joseph Carry


My husband is a pilot, and I am a retired flight attendant. We have traveled extensively. This tour was one of the best we have ever joined. Nirka


It began to rain very hard and the chauffeur didn’t feel comfortable to continue driving. We pulled over at a tiny road side cafeteria. Later the porter returned from the van with some dominoes, and that’s how we waited out the storm. They seem to have a plan b for almost everything!  Emma S.


We traveled with Laz to Cuba in 2002 and had a great time. In 2015, we went again and Havana and unlike our first trip Havana was bustling and completely different. We emailed Laz for advice several times. Eventually he invited us to join the group he was leading at that time. He charged us only $400 each for 5 days when it should have been $2-3k

Gloria Ledesma


I opened my wallet three maybe four times during the whole trip (to buy Cigars and trinkets). Everything was included and the food was delicious (we were recommended by Jackson and Eva White) Jake March


It was a little on the expensive side, but the trip was totally worth it. Ary and Laz don’t know this, but we got the driver to teach us every single cuss word used in Cuba.  Michael and Fernando


My daughter and I learned how to make frijoles colorado, paella and galletas de Moron with Rosa at her house in Ciego de Avila. Those were our favorite three days of the trip. Lori & Laura Fisela